Hi there! My name is Morgan Forester and I’m the owner and lead photographer for Flawlessly Framed. I am a mother of two littles, a retired (for now) elementary school teacher, and a shameless extrovert.

Most days, you can find me dreaming about our family’s next travel adventure, planning our next house renovation project, or just building train tracks on the floor with my kids. Whether I’m wandering the world or wandering the halls of my home in a child’s game of hide-and-seek, I nearly always have a camera ready to capture the beauty (or chaos!) of the moment.

I started Flawlessly Framed because I love the creative process of taking a perfectly framed photo.

Perhaps the desire to snag a great photo started when my husband and I moved overseas to New Zealand. There I was, in one of the most breathtaking countries in the world, and I’d ask a stranger to snap a photo of the two of us in front of some unforgettable landscape. Imagine my disappointment afterwards, when most photos I reviewed were shots of the sky, of our faces, or of some obnoxious tourist in the background…and not the gorgeous scenery around us.

It was then that I realized, framing a photo is a form of artistry. Many people may not have an eye for how to do it well. Things that seemed essential to me did not cross the mind of others when snapping a picture.

From that point forward, we often took turns as the subject of a photo, or we heavily relied on the timer function so we could frame the photo ourselves.

Photography quickly became a passion of mine. I would haul my DSLR and lens kits all over the world…on buses in Cambodia, on boats in Thailand, into the Australian Outback, or into temples of Japan. My patient husband has spent many hours waiting on me so I can get “the perfect shot”.

Real Estate Photographer

Morgan in Cambodia

After several years of living overseas, our family is back in Alpharetta, GA now. And often times, our subjects are no longer epic mountain overlooks or buzzing city centers of foreign lands, but of peanut butter smeared faces and giggling toddlers. There is beauty and creativity in both.

Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography piqued my interest during our move from New Zealand to Alpharetta. I was spending an absurd amount of time on Zillow, searching for a new place to call home.

I was shocked by the number of listings that had poor picture quality. People were trying to sell homes for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but often times the images were dark, blurry, or even messy. I’m sure we passed on viewing some lovely homes, simply because our first look through photographs left us scratching our heads and quickly moving on.

Curb appeal has always been an important factor in the real estate world. In years past, a potential home buyer’s first impression was the moment they looked up at the home from the curb.

Today, curb appeal has been replaced by online photo galleries. Rarely does someone see a house from the street for the first time. In fact, if potential buyers do not like the online pictures of a home, they probably won’t even show up for a second look!

And so, I started imagining how I might frame photos differently in homes as I toured them. I continued to look through Zillow listings even after we had bought a home, just to see the pictures. I’ve grown to love the craft of framing homes through lens of a camera. Every home has a story, and I feel like I catch a glimpse of that story when I do real estate photography.

Lifestyle Photography

Despite the many places I’ve been and seen, I’m convinced the most interesting photos are those filled with people.

In an age where we take dozens of photos everyday, some of which are seen for a few seconds before disappearing forever, I aim to snap images that you would be proud to frame in your home for years.

My Family

My husband (Evan) and I have been married since 2009. We have two young children who are full of energy and the subjects of thousands of pictures.