Why you should choose a professional photographer for your listing photos? Can’t you just save a little money and take a few pictures with your iPhone before loading them to Zillow?

Maybe, but consider this:

Your online listing is the first impression you give potential home buyers. It is today’s ‘curb appeal’. Images that grab the attention of potential buyers and spark their imagination help your home sell faster and for more money. Research proves this, with one study concluding that professional photographs helped home owners earn anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 more than home owners with comparable homes who chose to use their own photographs. The moral of the story? Don’t settle when it comes to real estate photography!

Although smartphones have great cameras and even some editing abilities, the truth is, they simply cannot compare to professional photography.

Professional photographs are thoughtfully staged, flawlessly framed, and professionally edited.

Thoughtfully Staged

Staging your home is an important part of the real estate photography process. There are many things that you, the seller, can do before your professional photographer arrives. Cleaning your home, clearing dirty laundry (believe it or not, I’ve seen Zillow ads with used, wet towels piled in the bathroom), and positioning your furniture are all subtle ways to make a big difference. Upon booking, you’ll receive a checklist of ways to prepare your home before I even arrive, in order for us to set the stage for capturing the best photos we can.

When I arrive, I always begin with a ‘walkthrough’ of the entire home to ensure photographs can appear thoughtfully staged. I may also bring a few key decorative items or props (such as flowers or potted plants) that add a bit of life and character to the images.

Flawlessly Framed

One of the biggest differences between a smartphone camera and a professional camera is the ability to use wide angle lenses. A wide-angle lens allows more of your home to fit inside each frame of every image. Professional lenses also allow more light to enter the camera, brightening each room of your home. Your home will look larger and better lit, which entices and welcomes buyers to check the home out for themselves. In the image below, you can see how the iPhone image on the left shows only a fraction of this darling nursery. The image on the right, however, uses a wide angle lens to capture much more of the room’s beauty. It is better lit as well, making this bedroom seem airy, bright, and clean.

However, having the right equipment only scratches the surface in making a Flawlessly Framed image. Choosing the right angle of each room, positioning furniture, removing distractions from the photo (such as pet crates, brightly colored tissue boxes, wires, etc), and using lighting to your advantage are all ways to make a big difference in photographing your home. Excellent framing can make your home appear like a work of art, and therefore will entice potential buyers.

In the example below, you can see what a difference framing a photo can do! In the iPhone image at left, the lighting from the window is uneven and the table looks small, making the the dining space feel tight and cramped. Furthermore, the photo is shot vertically, which is not ideal for online listing platforms. The professionally shot image on the right, however, not only corrects these flaws, but it also brings a potential home buyer right into the room, giving them a beautiful view from the dinner table that makes them feel at home.

iphone vs professional real estate photo

Professionally Edited

Another primary benefit of choosing a professional real estate photographer is the ability to edit and improve photos. All of my photos receive edits to balance light, brighten the home (if needed), remove blemishes or unwanted reflections in mirrors or glass, saturate or mute desirable or undesirable colors, and allow the beauty of your home to shine through.

Below are a few real-life examples of the difference editing can make! Click and hold on the the scanner bar to see the difference.

The Grass Can Always Be Greener:

In the image below, notice how professional edits make the grass appear greener. This is particularly useful when trying to sell a home during winter or during a summer drought. Also notice how the shadows around the home are softened and the dull sky becomes a dynamic backdrop for the home.

White Balance Multiple Rooms:

Sometimes the color of lights changes from room to room inside a home. This is often due to the amount of sunlight a room receives or the color of your lightbulbs. In the image below, observe how this basement bathroom’s yellow light is edited to match the rest of the room, creating an even and brighter image.

Schedule your Professional Photoshoot

Allow Flawlessly Framed to create a magazine-worthy portfolio of photos for you to wow your potential buyers! If you would like to inquire about your home or schedule a photoshoot, then contact Flawlessly Framed today!